Candle/Electric Chandelier. "Yevgeny Onegin" Opera Holland Park 2012. The chandelier is wired for electric lighting. During the performance, the chandelier had to have real candles burning. Candles were made with light bulb screw bases to be placed in the sockets, with clear plastic drip cups on each to prevent wax from getting into the sockets. Later on, the candles are changed out for electric bulbs, by actors, live on stage.

Steampunk Karaoke Machine. Built for The Gin Rebellion.
Wood veneer sides, brass accents, carved wood front, antique knobs re-purposed as volume and mixing knobs, blue LED lights. Wheels and telescoping handle added for portability.

A pair of folding art boxes with drawers. "Cosi fan tutte" Opera Holland Park 2012. Each box is hand made with wood, with a folding top with kickstand and drawer. One box was made heavily reenforced as it had to be thrown on the ground every performance.

Hand painted faux marble table and chairs. "Cosi fan tutte" Opera Holland Park 2012.

Hand painted Settee. "Cosi fan tutte" Opera Holland Park 2012.

Hand painted Windsor Castle pub sign. "Falstaff" Opera Holland Park 2012.
The sign and post used a hand made twist lock system to allow it to be quickly attached and detached from the set piece, and moved to hang on another area.

Chicken puppets and coup. "Fantastic Mr Fox" Opera Holland Park 2010, 2011, 2012.

Corneto's Sign.
"Don Pasquale" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
Made of white perspex and blue lighting gels. The gel is glued to the back of the perspex with the letters cut out. When lit solely from the front, it appears to be a plain white sheet. When lit from behind the blue color and lettering are revealed. This was my own creative solution when the sign made by the set builders failed to impress, and budget would not permit the neon sign the designer truly wanted.

Butchered Side of Beef
"Rigoletto" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
Styrofoam, fabric, and paint.

Shattering Beer Mug Special Effect.
"La Wally" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
A shooting contest in the opening of the show is won by a marksman who shoots a beer mug from a man's outstretched hand. The shattering effect is achieved by using a modified mousetrap attached to a sugar glass mug. The clear mousetrap is nearly invisible to the audience. The actor simply pulls the pin with a flick of his thumb, releasing the trap and shattering the mug in time with a gunshot.

Target with gunshot effects
"La Wally" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
During a shooting contest, the target is shot twice, one bad shot far off center and one bullseye. The bullet holes are made by a set of air hoses hidden within the target. On cue, compressed air is shot through the hoses, pushing out the bullet hole covers, revealing the shot locations, and expelling debris.

Oval Sofa.
"La rondine" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
This upholstered sofa is built entirely from scratch. A wooden frame, covered with foam and fabric, trimmed with silver rope. The centerpiece with the plant is exchanged for a plain wooden top for different scenes.

Broken mantlepiece.
"Le nozze di Figaro" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
The mantlepiece is 2 pieces which must be held by 2 actors facing away from each other. The pieces rest on the actor's shoulders. In order to keep the pieces level and in line (not an easy task when not allowed to face each other), a small bubble level is mounted to the back of each piece. Made of wood and mirrored perspex.

Broken window frame and set of 2 heraldry shields.
"Le nozze di Figaro" Opera Holland Park, 2011

Broken dressing table with mirror
"Le nozze di Figaro" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
Wood and mirrored perspex.

Set of 2 coin operated telescopes.
"Don Pasquale" Opera Holland Park, 2011.
Made of wood, pvc pipe, and cast aluminium posts.

Set of 19 large portraits.
"Don Giovanni" Opera Holland Park, 2010.
19 large picture frames, all silver leafed by hand... I believe I may still have some silver leaf in my lungs...

Red Lion Pub sign.
"Don Giovanni" Opera Holland Park, 2010.
Hand painted Red Lion sign.

"Don Giovanni" Opera Holland Park, 2010.
A real casket, damaged and unsuitable for use. I removed dents and scratches, repainted the casket and silver leafed the trim, and had a nice, quiet place to take naps.

St. Phillip's Church model.
"The Elephant Man" Theatre South 2010
A minimalistic version of the real model of of St. Phillip's Church created by John Merric. The model comes apart in 7 pieces and is put together on stage as the play progresses. Made of paper and cardboard.

Train baggage cart and coffin.
"The Visit" Georgia Southern University Theatre, 2010
Wooden coffin. Wooden cart wheels and platform on a steel frame. Front wheels pivot to steer.

Gothic cross throne and bar.
"The Revenger's Tragedy" Georgia Southern University Theatre, 2009.
Made of square steel tubing and wire, the throne features a gothic cross flanked by skulls which make up the centerpiece of the bar. Wire vine patterns emanate out from the cross and wrap around the bar.

Lead Casket.
Wood and metal. Includes hand made handles. Part of a project to create one of the three caskets featured in "The Merchant of Venice," gold, silver, or lead.

Steampunk Lamp.
Wood, Steel, Glass and Brass. The bulb is hidden in the base, under the glass jar. The glass is filled with a liquid which creates an effect similar to a lava lamp when heated by the bulb.


A selection of props and set dressing from various productions.